Whatever is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable,excellent or praiseworthy...think about such things." Phil. 4:8

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

LOVE ...

Mary Engelbreit
Love, kindness and a warm welcome is all any of us really want or need ... oh, and don't forget to color outside the lines.
Just a few  photo's to celebrate valentines day ...

The Bachelor ...lol!
A Cathy Nash Creation

I have this little guy.  He is a collectible by Lib Cummings Meade.  I am a big fan of her creations.  They make me smile.

Little Souls Sibling - Sweetie Pie

Little Souls  Mitzi

Little Souls Sibling

TuTu Cute!!!

Happy Valentines Day!
Don't forget the greatest love of all ... John 3:16

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I Love Dolls ...

... and I am not ashamed to admit it!  One of my favorites are collectible "Little Soul's" dolls by Gretchen Wilson ... 


Time for a Cuppa

Busy Mom
Fancy Schmancy
How does my garden grow?
I feel pretty ... oh, so pretty ...
I am the Princess here.
How could you not love and laugh at this face?
 These dolls just capture my heart whether they are dressed for a tea party or the playground!  Many times their clothes are mismatched, they wear real children's shoes, are 24" tall and often have vintage touches.  I own a few of these dolls, however, have finally limited myself to only buying red headed dolls ... or at least I try to! lol!!
... and who could resist this little charmer?!?
Fairy Fun
Party Girl

I hope you enjoyed these dolls.  The only place other than e-bay to purchase them, that I know of,  is a shop called Art & Soul or just to view a large variety ... http://pinterest.com/pinitpretty/collectibles-little-souls-dolls/  my pinterset Little Soul's board.

Well, until next time ...

Friday, February 8, 2013

Better Late than Never ..... Annual Craft Sale

This year for my church's annual craft sale my friend Mary  and I offered a number of Lunch & Learn sessions for making  a variety of crafts for the sale. This is only our 2nd time to have a craft sale and the proceeds go to the WIC  scholarship fund.  Lunch and Learn not only provided much needed help but allowed us fellowship with other women in our church ... such fun!  These are a few things I remembered to get pics of...

Happy little Colorado Snowman on a cake plate!

Sweet Snowman  Wreath

These Snowmen wreaths were very easy.  I bought some
(1) pool noodles from the dollar store and 
(2) cut and duct taped them the appropriate size to create circles (I just eyeballed that) and then 
(3)wrapped strips of muslin around each circle. 
(4) Connected the circles together with plastic strip connectors pulled tight (although you could use whatever worked for you ... even muslin strips) 
(5) Cut out a hat shape from a cardboard box and covered it with brown burlap...
(6) embellished with gingham wired ribbon ...made a ruffle and a  rose- used green gingham ribbon to make the leaves also a dollar store fabric snowflake.  (Sorry the pics are so bad!).

(7) Made a scarf out of the brown burlap and embellished with the snow flakes and gingham bow tie. We also made a Mr/Mrs using fleece for the scarves and hats ...they were adorable!

We made many things such as Christmas trees from old books on candle sticks, paper clay snowmen on trinket boxes, many  ornaments, embellished bottles, little apothecary vignettes etc. I didn't take many pics but will ask some of the other women and also check for similar ones on pinterest ... I'll post them later when I can find pics of them.

This craft sale is an in-house sale.  We hold it at the WIC Christmas Luncheon.  We are a small church but we are really growing fast and have broken ground our own building ... all in God's own timing!  We made almost $500. for the scholarship fund!  In the future, as we grow, we will open our annual sale to the public.  I love organizing and participating in these events.  I'm already planning craft projects for next year.

Well my friends...enjoy your day and I'll check in later.

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This is just an apple pie I made using a pie bird.  My friend Lora (much younger than myself) was so impressed she had to take a picture!!! lol!!!

Apple Pie