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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I Love Dolls ...

... and I am not ashamed to admit it!  One of my favorites are collectible "Little Soul's" dolls by Gretchen Wilson ... 


Time for a Cuppa

Busy Mom
Fancy Schmancy
How does my garden grow?
I feel pretty ... oh, so pretty ...
I am the Princess here.
How could you not love and laugh at this face?
 These dolls just capture my heart whether they are dressed for a tea party or the playground!  Many times their clothes are mismatched, they wear real children's shoes, are 24" tall and often have vintage touches.  I own a few of these dolls, however, have finally limited myself to only buying red headed dolls ... or at least I try to! lol!!
... and who could resist this little charmer?!?
Fairy Fun
Party Girl

I hope you enjoyed these dolls.  The only place other than e-bay to purchase them, that I know of,  is a shop called Art & Soul or just to view a large variety ... http://pinterest.com/pinitpretty/collectibles-little-souls-dolls/  my pinterset Little Soul's board.

Well, until next time ...

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