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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I'm a Winner!

I never win anything ... so when Susan from bigmelittleworld@Etsy.com had a give away, I really decided to comment just to let her know how much I like her shop. Imagine my surprise when I actually won!
Susan recycles bottle and jars etc. and they are adorable ... her sense of whimsey and humor just tickle  me.  Here are a few of her pieces that I love:

This is called "Alone with God"  (front)
   This is the "Bunny Bottle" I won ... I think it is just precious!

This is one of her latest... TuTu Cute!!!

Be sure to check out her shop  bigmelittleworld@Etsy.com ... I'd love to hear what your favorite piece of hers is.

Thanks Sue!!!  You are Wonderful!
Blessings, Linda


  1. hi linda :0) ggggggg thanks so very much
    for your thoughtfulness and adding me to your blog...which i love by the way....lovely easter home pics.... so sweet thanks again and you made my heart smile...

    warmly, susan @ big me little world

  2. Ya Hoo blogger is back on!! What a great win, my wins seem to come in bunches! Welcome to the blogging world, thank you for your kind comments and entering my giveaway. Blogger deleted my whole last post and your comments, but I had saved them just before it crashed. Good luck on the giveaway