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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

In the Studio . . .

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I've been playing in the studio today ... playing with paper clay.  It is something I've been trying to teach myself. Pretty much by trial and error.

Creative Paperclay

This is what the clay looks like.  I really like the texture.

Right now I am working on birdies.  Here are some examples of birds in different stages:

The birds above are probably the most simple and easiest style to make.  I need to finish painting. glitter and seal. The paint I use is simply acrylic. The glitter I like is real fine. 

I make most of my birds without armatures.  Once I shape the birds, I use a damp paint brush to smooth and shape.  I let them dry for a couple of days and then sand them.  Sometimes I gesso them and let them dry for another couple days ... sand again and then I paint them.  There are several finishes to choose from.  I usually use glitter, however, you could use a crackle finish or dilute sienna or umber paint, paint it on and wipe it off to your taste.

My attempt at a Retro Blue Bird

This retro bluebird has another day to dry and then it needs to be sanded.  I've been thinking I might make a top hat for him . . . we'll see. 

I  am getting a little better but have a long way to go . . . it is a lot of fun though!  I'll post a photo of the finished birds.

Teeny Bluebird

This little bird is less than 2 inches wide.  I'll be gluing him onto the birdhouse perch once he's ready.

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  1. That is a sweet little bird! You did an awesome job.

  2. Hi Linda!
    So glad you stopped by today! I love the birds and your blog background is so pretty! I'm your newest follower!