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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tea Cup Tuesday at Artful Affirmations

This is my first posting for Tea Cup Tuesday sponsored by Artful Affirmations and it's very exciting!!  I used to own The CatBird Seat Cafe/Tea Room in downtown Colorado Springs so ... consequently I have a lot, a lot of tea cups.  I have a personal collection of tea cups, with Royal Albert being the largest part of it.

I thought today I would share a real sweet set which the cup and saucer on the bottom reads; Crown China, England and it has a gold crown. The rest of the writing is faded but on the sugar and creamer, in addition, it says Dainty Dinah,  Royal Albert,  and its numbers.

The things I love about this pattern are;

1) It makes me think of the rhyme Mary, Mary, quite contrary....

2) All the flowers, the arbor, everything except "Dinah" are embossed!

3) It's a little different, not as common as many of the patterns one sees.  Just a lot of fun.

The sugar bowl is humongous (is that a word?) it reminds me in size of the soup bowls they use in Chinese restaurants and the creamer is very tall. So far I have never come across a tea pot or dessert plates. Oh, and I found all these pieces on e-bay from different vendors!

Have any of you seen this pattern before?

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  1. How sweet, this total looks like something I would add to my collection. I wish I could say I had all my tea cups because I owned a tea room but instead they just all showed up at my house! Happy Tuesday, I enjoyed my first visit here!! Jules ♥

  2. Hello Linda! Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday!
    Your cup today is lovely. I have never seen this pattern before but I do believe I have seen Dinah on other china pieces. I think it is gorgeous, and I love the way the design is raised too. It really makes the cut extra special.
    Thank you so much for sharing it with us.
    (Oh and btw, Martha from Martha's Favorites is my co host for T.T. She has a humongous collection...and yes, that is a word : )

  3. That is so pretty - very unusual!

  4. I love your Dainty Dinah tea set. She's so cute. The pattern so unusual. How much fun it must be to have tea in this set! Happy Tea Day!

  5. So pretty & I love how unusual it is!

  6. Hi Linda - I had tea a couple of times at the Cat Bird Seat on Tejon! That is where I first tried Yukon Gold black tea. I was sad when I went back one day and found it closed and a bakery was there instead. Happy Tea Day!

  7. Oh lovely shape & handle pretty scenes

    love Dawn xx

  8. What beautiful dishes. Thanks for stopping by.

  9. I have not seen that lovely set before! Just love it! I bet you have a wonderful collection!

  10. Hi Linda,
    This is probably my sixth visit to try and leave a comment on your post! Your tea cups and tea things are adorable! They do remind me of a nursery rhyme. Thanks for sharing and joining me for tea.