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Saturday, June 4, 2011

My First Pink Saturday with Miss Beverly

"Dance of Love"

I'm very excited for the opportunity to participate in Beverly's Pink Saturday.  It was difficult to choose what I wanted to share today.  I decided on what I call "My French Dancers".   These figures are  not what I've typically collected and I know very little about  them.  This one caught my eye first of all because of the color..... Pink!  Secondly, the size ... it's larger than most I've seen .... 12" tall. The details on it are very nice, the lace stands up and looks like real lace.  Lastly, I think the price was good but what do I know?  I know I liked it!

Fancy Pants!

As this couple twirls around, one really gets a sense of intensity between them. In this I think the artist did a good job.  I am not much of a photographer, however, this was fun to photograph ... when I loaded them and looked at them it almost seemed as if they were dancing!

I hope you enjoyed my dancers .... have a great Saturday.  Oh and please check out my new event starting Monday .... "Show Me the Bunny" ... I'd love for you to join in!  There are some giveaways attached to it.



  1. Happy first Pink Saturday - one of the funnest blog parties! Love this beautiful porcelain - so gorgeous in its detail!
    Hope you have a marvelous week,

  2. What a wonderful post for your first pink saturday. Your dancing couple is gorgeous and what a lovely shade of pink.

  3. OOOHH!!!! Pink Saturday...I am going to have to look into that..Pink happens to be my FAVORITE color... : )

    Love your dancers...

    Thank you for stopping by and visiting with me.. : )

  4. Welcome to Pink Saturday and I think you did a great job picking your first pinks. What a grat little couple.

  5. Hi Linda,
    What a pretty piece...I absolutely love all the pink in it. Love all the picture angles too. You can really see and appreciate some of the detail, like the lace. Have a wonderful day.

    Hugs and Blessings,

  6. Sorry I am a little late visiting from Pink Saturday posts...this is just amazing! I love this figure. I can't wait for you to see the cupcake I made for your "show me the bunny" He he he!!

  7. also..for some reason I can not copy your new show me the bunny button??

  8. I am delighted you stopped by for PS. Your post is so pretty. I love that dancing couple and the lace is exquisite. Maybe some of the dancers on Dancing with the Stars should dress like that for a dance! What do you think? Sorry I am so late. But I wish you a Happy Pink Saturday and a wonderful week. xo

  9. Linda, your figurine dancers are fab! I love your photos of them and I agree with you, the artist did a beautiful job on them.