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Monday, June 20, 2011

Tea Cup Tuesday #4

            This is a Teddy Bear Tea I set up for "My Girls"  last Thursday.  They    
                                                  were delighted... I hope you are too.

Tea Time with Friends

Children's Tea Set from Maryland China

What a deee-lightful little tea, said Mrs. Bearberry

My dear, have another biscuit. I made them just for you.

"My Girls" - Alli & Faith
I need to run now ... I think I hear the tea kettle whistling...
Stay Calm and have a Cuppa!  And, as always, I love your sweet comments!
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  1. Your Teddy Bear Tea looks wonderful!

  2. This Teddy Bear tea is so adorable! I bet the girls loved it.

  3. Hello, What a beautiful day of you, every detail in the table as the tea set. is adorable i loved me being a girl again) for even as adults we can have our celebrations of tea, there is nothing more innocent childhood. Your girls are beautiful, God bless you, Rose Marie

  4. Hi Linda,
    Sweet little tea party and I LOVE your Bunny by the Bay! She is so pretty.
    Deb :)

  5. Two of my favorite things ... teddy bears and tea! The Teddy Bear Picnic!!! Happy Tea Day!

  6. That is just the sweetest, cutest Tea Party AND two cute little live "friends" that enjoyed it along with their animal friends. Aren't grandkids great? They allow us to play too! xo Diana

  7. So fun and charming! And look at those darling girls! Delightful!

  8. Totally sweet! What a well set teddy bear tea table. Your girls are so sweet and you are such a good mum to give them an opportunity to delight in in the joy of tea!

  9. "My Girls" are not really related to me.(unfortunately) They are my friend (from church) Lora's children.
    I just adore these girls and since I have no small grandchildren, and Lora is a full time homemaker... I take the girls for an evening, afternoon, morning (whenever I can get them)to give her a break but more truly for my own selfish enjoyment! Just to clarify. L

  10. Hi Linda,
    What an adorable tea! The teddies are so cute and the lacy tablecloth is a sweet background for the little tea set. Love it! The little ladies are pretty cute too. Thank you for sharing this with Tea Time and I wish you a delightful day.


  11. Hi Linda, Thanks so much for joining me for tea. What a delightful tea party. My little girl and I have tea every day but she's 20 now and it's just not the same. :o) Special..but teddy bears are no longer invited. I so enjoyed your tea time with you sweet girls.

    Donna @ Comin' Home

  12. Linda this is fabulous! What a great post. I adore teddy bears and this tea looks divine for everyone!

  13. Your little girls are so pretty and sweet! What a darling little tea set and tea you have set out for them all, including the teddy bears.
    Hugs, Cindy

  14. Love the teddybear tea! Your girls are precious! Would just love to sit and to enjoy a cup with you all! Thank you for sharing this with Savoring Summer!

  15. Adorable!! Oh I wish I had girls, I only have a boy. They will always remember this!


  16. Thank you for stopping by my blog ... Your tea party set up and your girls are so cute! I'm sure it was fun

  17. Hi Linda,
    Such a sweet little party! I am sure your little ones loved it. I love to host tea parties in the garden for my little ones too.

    Thank you for your kind words on my dandelion post. It means so much!

  18. Hi Linda! I have been to your tea room and loved it! So sorry to hear about your health. I would love to get together and have tea with you. Thank you so much for stopping by. I have an email button on my blog. Feel free to contact me anytime. Blessings!

  19. What a precious post! Love those teddy bears and the little tea set :)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog recently and for leaving me a comment and thanks for letting me know about your bunny linky party...it sounds like some cute fun and I will definitely join in on the fun sometime soon :) Have a great weekend...
    Big hugs,

  20. How much fun is that? I would have loved that when I was little. I had a Teddy Bear Picnic photo shoot with my kids when they were little. I will have to dig those pictures out and share them with you. Thanks for sharing. How lucky those girls are to have you :D

  21. Lovely teddy bear tea for lovely little girls.

  22. Absolutely adorable! I always wanted little girls so that I could play tea party with them like this...but I've learned that little boys enjoy fanciful tea parties too! Thank goodness!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,

  23. What a precious tea party! Perfect setting. Perfect dishes. And above all...perfect company!