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Sunday, June 19, 2011

SHOW ME THE BUNNY- 3rd week of Monday Bunday Giveaway ...

With less than two weeks to go in our Giveaway...there have been a fair amount of entries via comments, however, in the second giveaway there is almost no competion. The 2nd giveaway goes to those that linked up (http://prettyistoo.blogspot.com/2011/06/bunday-monday-debut-with-two-giveaways.html) and blogged about any bunny at all. At this point there are only 5 entries and one doesn't count ...it was me testing the link! Both prize packages retail value exceeds $75. Prizes can be viewed here: http://prettyistoo.blogspot.com/2011/06/monday-bunday-giveaway.html.   So, if you are interested, there are still 11 days left to enter and two ways to enter the Giveaway 1)Any comment in June qualifies you 2)Join the "Show Me the Bunny"  blog party by linking up.  Do one or the other or BOTH!

Here is the bunny I've chosen to share this week:

Bunnies by the Bay - Fussie Tussi on her Fussie Mussie
 This little bunny is just precious - she is #122 of 450 Ltd Edition. She is an 8" tall mohair bunny and of course, as all collectible bunnies by BBB she is retired. Her Tuffet (which is actually a muslin covered oval box) has a little ribbon around the edge which reads: "Fussie Tussie sat on her chair.  Fussie Tussie has very sparse hair.  Along came a spider who sat down beside her and said "My but you need mo-hair"
She is wearing a gorgeous little dress with beading and embroidery, a shaggy plush jacket and matching cap, tulle petticoats and felt bunny slippers.  Bunnies by the Bay is known for their gorgeous detailing.  I truly was sorry to see them discontinue their collectible bunny line.  Thank goodness they have the adorable baby line.  If you are not familiar with this line check out the above link... it is fabulous! 

I'd love to have you join in and I always love your sweet comments.  Hope your week is as wonderful as you all are.
                                                      Blessings, L


  1. Oh-I hope you get more entries! I am just not a linker-don't know HOW for one thing and NO TIME for a second. But I hope you get a better response. It is just kind of disheartening, isn't it? xo Diana

  2. Oh - I didn't mean it to sound like that ... I just think it's a missed opportunity for a great chance to win! L

  3. How cute...bunnies are precious aren't they...However, would you believe that I do not have one (not one single bunny)
    I'm sure that I did at one time, but with two darling little granddaughters that love stuffed animals, I am betting that any that I might have had have now disappeared....Cute idea....

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  5. I love bunnies especially Bunnies by the Bay. Glad they still have the baby line.
    Bunny hugs...Lu

  6. Hi Linda,
    Sort of getting the hang of this.
    'Some Bunny' wants to meet you on my Blog. Linky is gone? Again I'm 'SORT OF' getting the hang of this. Hop on over to meet Little Petunia and Benson Hopsalot.
    Have a Bunny Kind of Day !!